free birthday candle with any purchase using code: 1STBDAY
free birthday candle with any purchase using code: 1STBDAY
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I'm the founder of Cloudland Candle Studio. Cloudland Candle Studio is a hand poured coconut soy candle company with two goals in mind: to bring you the best smelling candles ever and do good for the environment. Although I'm pretty much a one woman show my boyfriend often helps me when I need it most. 
I had the idea of starting Clouldland Candle Studio in 2020 and ordered my first candle making supplies in March of 2021. I had just left my teaching job (which was a big creative outlet for me), and had lot more free time.
How did I get into candle making though? I purchased my first wooden wick candle during college and I've been hooked ever since. I had my absolute favorites that I would stock up on any time they were on sale. Eventually the brand discontinued my favorite scent and I had a hard time finding anything close to it. After doing some research on fragrance notes trying to find a scent reminiscent of my favorite candle, I realized how toxic the mass produced candles were.
I absolutely love hand making each and every candle. No matter how busy I get I never want to lose the personal touch I started with.